Introducing Slavegirl Angel

For her first time at ShadowSlaves, Angel presents herself in virginal white to compliment her fair skin and pale blonde hair. Magick, however, feels the slut’s look needs some contrast and happily obliges by tanning her stomach, bosoms and thighs stripped with his hands, a wooden spatula, a bungee flogger and a viscious thin fiberglass stick, turning her skin a yelling red.

Having brought some proper colour to her in the kick up of wild welts, he sits her in a magnificent throne to admire his work. She can’t mistake this for comfort as she is quickly ties in place and pinwheels are applied to test her reactions, used compassionless on her nipples and clit, then moved inside her mouth and over her eyes to test her trust and obdeience.

Next comes the foot punishment and heals horror with canes and spikes, then an evil metal ratchet gag is applied to facilitate further exploration of her mouth and throat with the pinwheels. Clothespins cover her hooterss, pinky and throat as a prelude to a stinging flogging with a rubber single-tail.

This is just a warm up, as she is soon to discover; but not before a blindfold robs her of the ability to prepare for her fate. A inexorable ratcheted device is secureed to her throne, and clamps applied to her already afflictive nipples and cunt. Subdued down, blindfolded and gagged, there is nothing she can do to resist as the wheels are turned, tightening the chain on the pegs and tearing at her most delicate flesh.

The gag is removed, but life is not getting any easier for this poor girl. Her blowjob is encased in colored tape rendering her completely helpless, a situation which Magick takes full advantage of by corporal punishment the tight repressed fixed to the cruel clamps