Ass worship mistress controls her slave

Ass worship mistress Megan Maiden, a sultry brunette with piercing eyes and full lips, stands confidently in her neon yellow sheer bikini. With a smirk, Megan approaches her slave and attaches a leash to his collar.

“Look at my little bitch, all collared and ready to do as I please,” she says, running a hand through his hair. “I’m going to walk you around like a puppy and make you worship my ass.”

He nods eagerly, knowing exactly what his mistress desires. Megan bends over, giving him an unobstructed view of her voluptuous backside. He takes a deep breath, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her skin.

“Sit,” she commands firmly.

He drops to his knees in front of her, his gaze fixed on her perfect posterior. He can feel his cock growing harder and harder with each passing second.

Megan reaches back and pulls aside the thin fabric of her panties, exposing her bare ass for him to worship. Without hesitation, he leans forward and presses his lips against her soft skin.

“That’s right,” she purrs as he kisses and caresses every inch of her bottom. “Worship my ass. Worship it like your life depends on it.”

He obeys, worshipping her ass with a fervent passion. His tongue darts out to taste her tight and tiny asshole, and she moans in pleasure.

“You’re so good at this,” Megan praises him, running her fingers through his hair. “You love being on a leash and worshipping my big juicy ass, don’t you?”

He mumbles his agreement against her skin, unable to form coherent words as he becomes lost in the bliss of serving his ass mistress.

Megan bends forward even further, enjoying the sensation of his lips and tongue on her most sensitive areas. She can feel herself growing wet with desire, but she knows there is one more thing she wants from him.

“Kiss it,” she commands firmly. “Kiss my asshole.”

Without hesitation, he obeys. He kisses and licks between her cheeks, eliciting moans of pleasure from Megan’s lips. She can feel herself reaching the peak of ecstasy, and she knows what comes next.

“Spit on it,” she demands breathlessly.

He complies, coating her tight hole with his saliva. The added wetness only intensifies the pleasure for both of them. She glances down at him with a smug grin.

“Good boy,” she says approvingly, before unclasping the leash from his collar and standing up. “That was just a taste of what I can do. If you want more, you know where to find me.”

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