ShadowSlaves: Ruined

Emma waits at attention for Magick, questioning what’s in her future. As presently as he enters it’s clear he’s within the mood to ruin her tits, tugging at her nipples and thrusting them with sharp straws before her flimsy dress is even removed. He spanks her fat ass and belly and strips her, however, his focus is on her tits, creating her stand with hands raised and not move as he whips her nipples with a vicious whip.

Bulldog clips are hooked up to the already stripy nipples as he whips her back and canes her ass. once the clips are finally, and torturously, removed, he returns straight off to thrusting the nipples with straws and a pinwheel till her tears are flowing. Spurred on by her tears, he takes pliers to them, and all over again makes her raise her arms, as 1st an equestrian sport whip, then one tail bite into her breasts and tender armpits.

She is strapped into a chair, legs unfold open, defenseless and vulnerable. He slaps her face, and having established that the merest bit to her nipples has her crying once more, quickly moves his attention to her cunt, whipping it with a animal skin belt and hanging significant metal weights from clamps, till her labia are contused and torturously stretched; however he hasn’t forgotten her tits. Mousetraps are snapped onto her red raw nipples, and also the weights still tear at her labia, as she sobs and screams. solely then is she allowed associate sexual climax.

Spent and defeated, she is gagged with a lump of wood, and her tits are crushed with bench clamps. there’s to be no unharness. He whips her one last time with the only tail, and leaves her there; strapped to the chair, ruined tits crushed within the clamps, sob into her gag

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