Alora Lux: New at ShadowSlaves

alora lux is nude and immobilised in an exceedingly animal skin Chinese finger lure cage, as she awaits can Hunt to start her coaching as a ShadowSlave.

Seeing no reason to unleash the helpless lady, he hoists the cage off the ground, and lays into her body sort of a plaything, with a protracted bullwhip, a significant dog whip, and a skinny covering material cane to her treed breasts. appropriately subdued, she is allowed out of the cage, and created to face against a post as he any tears into her ass, back and breasts with a multi-tailed whip, and a brief single tail, till she is crying in desperation.

But there’s to be no mercy. created to brace herself between 2 beams, she should endure a beating with a significant sjambok, and an enormous judicial cane, till she collapses to the ground in an exceedingly crying heap. Hunt tramples her prone body, and binds her hands to rings within the floor, to carry her in situ because the whipping conitinues. force upright another time, she is adorned by her wrists because the whips and canes unrelentingly pound her helpless flesh. Finally discharged, she collapses another time in an exceedingly tearful puddle as he tramples her below his boots, and leaves her alone to contemplate her new life.

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