Carmen Valentina’s collar, leash, and chastity device

I knew you’d come over when I called you. You were always so eager to please me, whatever it was that I demanded of you. After all, who wouldn’t want to be Carmen Valentina’s slave?

Carmen Valentina is in control with collar and leash for chastity

Slaves have to earn privileges though, and before you can get the pleasure of being with me, you have to prove your worth. Don’t think for a second that I’m taking any chances with you, or that I’m going to let you take advantage of me.

Before I give you access to my pleasure, I want to see just how loyal and obedient you can be towards me. I am your one true mistress and nothing else compares to me! Unless you’ve been in my presence before, in truth, you don’t even know what real pleasure is. But do not worry boy, just follow my lead and I will teach you what true bliss feels like!

Tonight you’ll be my little cuckold bitch, and I’ll teach you what pleasure really is. I’ll put you through a little test to prove just how much you appreciate what I do for you! It will take endurance and will, but you can’t imagine how good your dick will feel when the test is over and I unleash my true pleasure on you, putting my pretty pink pussy all over your hard cock… But no, no, no! Not tonight!

Tonight you’ll just be my dumb little fucking slave, all locked up in a pink collar and leash! Talk about sexual humiliation. Mmm, I love it. I love nothing more than to put a short leash on my men, showing that you’re no one else’s but mine, and that you fully belong to me.

I’ll walk you around like a dog, making you bark for me! I’ll prove my ownership of you, prove that I’m truly your mistress. Good boy! Crawl around, bark, beg me for a walk!

And just when you think it’s over, I’ll add a chastity device on top of it, so that you won’t be able to get hard! It’ll hurt so bad if you get hard. You’d better not get turned on by that collar and leash, or by my hot body… Because you won’t be able to jerk that cock off and let your cum out. Nope, not when you belong to me. Your dick is mine, and you’ll get only pain when you want that pleasure!

So come on over, stick your balls through here, put your tiny dick in here, and I’ll leave it on you for days and weeks on end! Your dick trapped in chastity, the keys hidden carefully away! All you can do is sit in the corner and watch me fuck other bigger guys, unable to do anything about it.

Can you withstand my test, trapped in chastity by Carmen Valentina, in order to earn your full orgasmic bliss with me on Domination 4K? I believe you can do it. I believe in you, bad boy! Now come on over here and submit to me!