Destroying RosieB

Rosie B is a very special addition to the ShadowSlaves stable. A while back we had members’ requests to shoot a movie where the action was directed by another girl, from off camera. When Nimue decided to sacrifice her own girlfriend to the make we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try this.

If Rosie was at all re-assured that her girlfriend would be controlling the action in her first experience with Magick, she was to be sorely disappointed. Nimue’s direction from bum the camera shows a sadistic side we have not seen before, and she spares no mercy for the poor newcomer. Even Magick is shocked at the joy she takes in watching her partner bear and cry.

Things start gently enough with a thin sensation play, but it’s not long before Nimue’s requesting extreme beatings for the unfortunate girl, and the tears are flowing freely. Candle play is taken to a beginner level, as her poon tang is entirely coated in barbaric pure wax. Her obvious nerves when it comes to needles result only in harsher and more torturous applications to her racks and nipples.

If this movie were not already harsh enough, the sadistic glee shown by Nimue as she watches her girlfriend being destroyed adds a whole newcomer dimension. At times it’s unsympathetic to remember that this is her first experience with us.