Introducing Andrea – 2 Painsluts Tortured

Andrea’s a lucky girl! As a newcomer to the ShadowSlaves stable she gets to share the experience with Jay in her long awaited return to our fold. It’s been four years since Jay was last in front of our cameras, but once a ShadowSlave always a ShadowSlave and Andrea couldn’t hope for a better guide into her fresh life than the very first girl to join us all those years ago. However, if she was hoping Jay’s presence would create life easier for her she was to be disappointed. Magick knows who the fresh chick is and the focus is very much on breaking her in.

Brought to the lounge blindfolded, the first Andrea knows of Jay’s presence is when she feels a tongue in her cunt. The warm kisses move up her body to her nipple, and she could be forgiven for thinking this was going to be about her pleasure, but the illusion doesn’t last long, as a crop slices across her skin without warning. Attacking double handed Magick is able to ensure that Jay is not entirely spared the barrage of blows, as she struggles to concentrate on suckling the newcomer’s breasts. With both women on the ground it’s Andrea’s turn to offer pleasure, encouraged all the way by Magick’s dressage whip.

But it’s not long before Magick really gets down to business, chaining the ladies together, for a spiteful caning game, which begins again every time the models slip up with the confusing counting protocol. And there is no fairness in this game either, with Magick distinctly picking on the young girl until she breaks down in tears. Still bound, the sluts are made to turn circles as Magick flogs whichever flesh is turned his way, but while Jay takes a caning, when a rough rubber single keister is produced it’s Andrea once more who provides the target.

mature painsluts

Joined by a clothespin zipper, the girls both withstand a whipping without losing the connection, so Magick ups the ante, by returning to the stick and concentrating solely on Andrea, who cries and struggles, all the while apologising to Jay for tugging on the clothespins that connect their breasts.

mature painsluts mature painsluts

In the end they are made to tear the pins off by jumping apart. Jay retains the pins on her body, so is rewarded for ‘winning’ by being allowed to fuck the young model with her strap-on, while Magick burns the desperate Andrea with candles until she is finally allowed to orgasm.

mature painsluts mature painsluts

Just for completeness Magick burns her boobies and she is violently throat-fucked with the strap-on. Magick instructs the exhausted Andrea to embrace and kiss Jay, then taping their heads together in a cocoon, leaves them sealed face to face to console each other, ready for another day.