Interrogation Torture

Emily returns to ShadowSlaves, in one of the most hard-hearted scenes we have filmed. She had asked for an intense experience with fire and electrical shocks, and Magick did not disappoint her.

Things start reasonably enough with an E-stim pinwheel, but it’s a matter of mere minutes before she is screeching and blatting at the non-stop onslaught of crushing electrified pegs and direct electrode shocks. A leather strike beats her flesh as the shocks continue unabated simultaneously, until she crumbles, utterly destroyed by alternating shocks from a malign cattle prod and strokes from a cane.

relentless interrogation torture

But even then her ordeal is far from over as candles are inserted in any available orifice, even the flesh tunnels in her ear lobes, and allowed to slowly burn down, abusive her with the falling molten wax while the repeated electrical shocks continue, relentlessly, for an entire hour.

Interrogation torments and electro edge play of restrained slave slut Emily Sharpe. The Uk slave slut is tied in the punishment torture cell for afflictive electricity play and explicit electric torments of her boobs, armpits, belly and face. Emily is fully exposed and only able to wriggle and scream in anguish as the electric pinwheel drags its agonising path across the front of her body, over her puppiess and nipples and even into the bitty skin of her armpits. The pinwheel electro punishment is the very beginning of Emily Sharpes interrogation and punishment in the cellar. A horrific HIDEF sado maso movie full of sulking, suffering and fierce horror for the uk submissive