The Wonders of Hemp Rope

Today’s update is two more galleries, one of Nimue and one of Madison. Both galleries are of intricate bondage and both rely on the slaves being tied firmly with hemp rope. Hemp lends itself so perfectly to strong bondage, being flattering against any skin tone and easy to work with.

Hemp only has one main drawback – it’s an absolute nuisance to prepare – unlike many other ropes you can’t just purchase it off the roll and use it. It needs to be softened and made pliable before it’s of any use for bondage. We’re currently preparing a new 100 meter roll that we’ve just bought and it require boiling, oiling and having the little fibres burnt off.

Right now our entire house smells like boiling hemp rope – but I’m sure you’ll agree that the end results are worth it – the slaves do look so good tightly bound in hemp.