Pin Board

HTML clipboardShadowslaves is pleased to present one of the latest movies to be completed in our members area. Taken from her cage, stripped and beaten, Emma-Louise is left in no doubt as to her place in life. She is thoroughly humiliated, spat on and forced to clean boots with her tongue. Her holes are stretched wide to serve as ashtrays. Huge industrial clamps crush her newly enhanced breasts, as the beating and degradation continue, until she is sobbing real tears and defeated. Hung by her wrists she is beaten with a carpet beater and forced to orgasm despite herself.
Finally, she is judged to be ready for the next stage of her training. The poor girl has never been pierced before, and her first experience is not going to be easy. Hypodermic needles pierce her skin in lines down her back, before being laced together to form a corset in her flesh itself. Pleased with her submissive acceptance, Magick completes her introduction to needles by using her ass as a pin board, pinning notes directly to her body proclaiming her talents. She will be so proud when she sees her skills so clearly displayed to the world.

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