Introducing Madison

Today’s update is the beginning of another new movie starring Madison Young, Jay as a dominant and Magick – “Introducing Madison” puts the cute Californian through her paces to see how she reacts. Her skin goes pink very quickly and she marks gratifyingly easily. Click the photograph above to get a short preview of this new movie in high resolution wmv format. More high quality photographs tomorrow and on Wednesday we feature our delightful Chinese slavegirl – Koko Li.

The Mummy – Part 2

The action instensifies for Nimue in today’s update, the second part of The Mummy. Magick continues to unwrap her slowly and as each body part is revealed he tortures it. We’re especially pleased with our electric paddle which got quite a response out of Nimue. The bandage wrapping of Nimue for this movie was a long a slow process, but I do think it was worth it. There’s something about only being able to see a pair of large pleadingContinue reading… The Mummy – Part 2

The Wonders of Hemp Rope

Today’s update is two more galleries, one of Nimue and one of Madison. Both galleries are of intricate bondage and both rely on the slaves being tied firmly with hemp rope. Hemp lends itself so perfectly to strong bondage, being flattering against any skin tone and easy to work with. Hemp only has one main drawback – it’s an absolute nuisance to prepare – unlike many other ropes you can’t just purchase it off the roll and use it. ItContinue reading… The Wonders of Hemp Rope

Featuring Sahara

There’s no updates scheduled normally on a Wednesday, so I thought I’d spend the next few Wednesdays showcasing some of the gorgeous Shadowslaves through some sample galleries I’ve made for each one. Today’s slavegirl is the exotic and glamorous Sahara from India. We currently have two full length downloadable movies featuring Sahara in our members area, together with many galleries of this beautiful and flexible young woman who has quickly established herself as one of the most popular Shadowslaves. TheContinue reading… Featuring Sahara

Action Photographs

Today’s update is 328 high resolution action stills taken during the filming of the movie “Banana Split” starring Emma-Louise and Magick. The photographs were taken by our resident photographer Aychee and our Production Manager (and sometime Alpha Slave) Jay. Whenever possible, we always try to have at least one photographer on movie sets with us, as the large and sharply detailed photographs have proven very popular with our members, who like to keep them as a reference guide as toContinue reading… Action Photographs

Ass Play with Bananas!

Today’s update is a movie update and is the final part of “Banana Split” starring Emma-Louise. This section of the movie sees Emma-Louise’s tight asshole being ever more stretched by larger and larger objects being inserted. Including some strange objects!   Click the thumbnails to blow up screen shots taken from this part of the movie. Next Monday sees the first part of Madison’s movie with us – should be popular!

Mummyficiation and Needles

Mummyfication and needles both feature strongly in today’s new movie “The Mummy” starring Nimue and Magick. Magick starts of with Nimue wrapped tightly head to toe in bandages and slowly unwraps and tortures each newly revealed part of her with electricity, hot candle wax, floggers, clamps and ultimately needles. Click the above picture to download a high resolution sample of The Mummy (file size approx 6Mb). As with all of our movies this year, The Mummy is available in eitherContinue reading… Mummyficiation and Needles

Outdoor Humiliation Scene

Today’s update is 154 high resolution action shots, taken during the filming of our recently completed movie “Rude Awakening” (available to members as a full length movie download). This movie featured our beautiful blonde busty slavegirl Cherry being topped by Magick and Jay. The movie touches darkly on verbal and physical humilations and gets deep into Cherry’s psyche. Humiliation movies are always understandably popular with our loyal members, and perhaps even more understandably are a touchy subject with most peopleContinue reading… Outdoor Humiliation Scene

Shooting Madison Young

There’s no update scheduled for today – instead I’m giving you a sneaky peak of some of the photo sets we shot with the lovely Madison Young on Sunday. Hailing from California, Madison is well known for her fetish and bondage work – and we also shot a couple of heavy S&M movies with her, the first of which – “Introducing Madison” is scheduled for release within the next couple of weeks. In this first photoset, we had Madison dressedContinue reading… Shooting Madison Young

Nimue and Emma-Louise in Bondage

Tuesday’s update includes a gallery of twenty five high resolution images from the picture set “Bamboo” featuring Nimue tied by Magick.           The update also had 34 high resolution photographs which concluded the photo set of Emma-Louise in suspension bondage – again rigged by Magick. This set features two suspension ties which were made possible by Emma-Louise’s upper body strength as both ties are somewhat hard on the arms.           Thursday’s updateContinue reading… Nimue and Emma-Louise in Bondage