Ballerina – Part 6

Today we complete our stunning movie with Koko Li “Ballerina”.  Now tied securely in a hogtie, Koko is hoisted up on the suspension rig and swings freely.  Magick places hundred of tea light candles beneath her and lowers her down over the burning flames.


She is given a brief respite as he hoists her clear of the heat, only to lower her down again and again.  Finally she’s on the floor and he unties her shoulders before hoisting her up again.  Now she’s suspended upside down and she can see clearly what’s coming next.


Magick cools her down after her roasting by dunking her head first in a huge bowl of ice and water, leaving her head submerged just long enough to make her really gasp for breath when she’s hoisted back out.  Again and again she’s dunked into the freezing water and then is left hanging alone to drip dry.