Oriental Humiliation presented by The Pain Files

Japanese Sub having her Head Shaved Bald

Michiko is Punished and Humbled – then her long dreadlocks are shaved off

Head Shaved

Watch The Full Length Video of Eastern Humiliation at The Pain Files

Presented by The Pain Files

Electro Torments to Tears

Blonde painslave Karen gets a painful lesson as her punisher forces her into an intense nose suffering and facial humiliation treatment. Watch her scream in pain while her face is being punished with no mercy. She cries in agony but she has no other option than to take all the torment in complete submission.

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Today’s update is 154 high resolution action shots, taken during the filming of our recently completed movie “Rude Awakening” (available to members as a full length movie download). This movie featured our beautiful blonde busty slavegirl Cherry being topped by Magick and Jay. The movie touches darkly on verbal and physical humilations and gets deep into Cherry’s psyche.

Humiliation movies are always understandably popular with our loyal members, and perhaps even more understandably are a touchy subject with most people outside of the BDSM world as they struggle to comprehend how any woman can enjoy being so abused and degraded. To those people I can only reitterate that every single one of our movies is done with the full knowledge and consent of our slavegirls. Put quite simply, we wouldn’t be doing it if THEY didn’t enjoy it.

Tommorow’s update is the first part of “The Mummy” starring Nimue and Magick – see our soming soon page for more details.


Melanie Moon join the Shadow Slaves dungeon for a day of torments, humiliation and rough sex.

melaniemoon01 melaniemoon02 melaniemoon03 melaniemoon04 melaniemoon05 melaniemoon06

Lesbian whipping for tied Amber in lezdom spanking Lesbian Babe Whipped. Lesbian whipping of tied Amber in lezdom spanking and hardcore humiliation bondage by dominatrice Jay swinging the whip over crying Amber West who is spanked and electro shocked

Lesbian whipping of tied Amber in lezdom spanking and hardcore humiliation bondage by dominatrice – Lesbian Babe Whipped

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Bizarre lesbian babe excercise and femdom spanking Excercised Spanking. Bizarre lesbian excercises and femdom spanking of sexy blonde fetish pornstar Satine Spark in teen lezdom domination by bbw dominatrice Nimue. Mistress Nimue uses the birch and nipple clamps to motivate her excercising blonde teen slave girl Satine Spark in a harsh spanking session with strict physical discipline and humiliation. The english fetish pornstar Satine Spark is whipped. The sexy english young blonde submissive Satine Spark in BDSM at and humiliated by her femdom by being ordered to do straining excercises whilst punished by her firm domina.

Bizarre lesbian excercises and femdom spanking of sexy teen blonde fetish pornstar Satine Spark – Excercised Spanking. Charming Satine Spark reacts to pain and humiliation by laughing and blushing making her enduring spanked excercises even more bizarre. Cruel lesbian spanking at and firm dominance of a debutant teen slave girl by mistress Nimue. Satine Spark on the other hand will learn to obey orders and keep her sexy nude teen body in perfect shape and to the liking of her dominatrice

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NEW Torture Movies Updates & Extreme Pain Photos
Extreme S/M Videos Update and Bdsm Photo Update
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Redhead Spiritless Slaveslut Tortured Till Crying
New Slave girl Isabel – Correctional discipline and Abasement of Sulking English Debutant Sub
Feet Whacking and Pinky Punishments To Crying of Blonde Painslut In Pain and Falaka.
Slaveslut Samara – Screaming Disciplinary Punishments and Intense Fanny Lip Anguish
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Spanish Lesbian Sm Pinky Torments Japanese Pain slave Miu
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NEW BDSM Video Updates & Intense Painslut Photos
Double Edge play Movie Update and S&M Picture Update
Sexual Domination and Obedience Training of Spanish Slave slut Anja
Young Slave slut Zhura – Mysterious Beauty Suffering
Tit Hanging and Hardcore Needle Agony of Sulking Emily Sharpe
Canadian Sadomaso Painslut – Lyarahs Fisting, Humiliation and Sadistic Torments
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new torture moviesnew torture movies

A Day In The Life Of A Painslut featured proudle the bondage blog. English submissives Little Miss Chaos and Nimue are true painsluts with a burning desire for pain, a craving for humiliation and excessive lust of extreme bdsm. Their virtues untold, their master sent them both to slavecamp for training. 3 full days of intense torments lay ahead for the two pain sluts and they could only endure with screams, tears and submission.

female slave camp

The outdoor spanking and female prisoner punishment of the two uk slave girls are carried out in front of an audience on the old mobile wooden stocks restraining the two victims of the severe caning for their blistered bottoms.

female slave camp

Here at the BDSM blog we find the two slave girls in bondage stocks outdoors in a courtyard for a traditional judicial caning followed by agonising breast whipping with a fierce leather whip. Tears are rolling and screams are heard for miles as the cane marks and welts the bare bottoms of the two slave camp prisoners, who can do nothing but submit in agony to their dominant master.

female slave camp

The leather quirt is introduced as a special tool of tormenting the tits of the enslaved submissives, as its vicious leather tip marks and bruises their exposed tits in public during their severe outdoor punishment.

female slave camp

The three day training in the female slave camp sends Little Miss Chaos and Nimue on continous adventures deep into subspace whilst tormented in the dungeon with electric shocks, hard spanking, heavy weights on their nipples and pussies, humiliating public bondage and exposure and many other sadistic measures to ensure their submission and obedience.

Presented by The Pain Files

Electro Torments to Tears

Lux is caught stealing and disciplined outdoors as well as in the Masters quarters. Watch this pain slut getting punished as her punisher whips her with a flogger. She screams in pain but can’t do anything but submit in total humiliation.

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Electro Torments to Tears

Featuring Two Sub in The Punishment room – Presented by The Pain Files

Two kinky slavegirls in merciless dungeon punishments and cute domination. The dark slavegirl is tit suspended and nipple tormented with metal clamps by her two masters, whilst the blonde is restrained spreadeagle on the dungeons bondage cross. They both receive a brutal beating while being humbled by their Punisher.

Electro Torments to Tears

Watch the full length movie and all the other sadomasochism maso slave girls in humiliation, intense S&M and excruciating Pain movies at: The Pain Files – Intense SM and Pain


Shadowslaves is pleased to present the latest movie to be added to our members area. Sometimes BDSM isn’t just about pain, it’s also about humiliation and the control a Master exercises over the slave girl. In this movie the object of Magick’s control is the lovely Emily who is back with us once again and serves as an astray whilst Magick enjoys his cigarette. She is then further humiliated with an enema and hot wax before being allowed to make herself orgasm for your viewing pleasure.

Sample the delights of Emily and the other Shadowslaves by clicking here for instant access.

Click the picture below to download a high res sample of Control.


Tears and Torments
Presented by The Pain Files

Sub Chaos confined and tit tormented outdoor in the barn. The blonde slavegirl is sulking from the strict pain inflicted on her sensitive nipples. Her devious bondage restraints leaves her wriggling helplessly suspended from the beams, whilst her boobs endure intense torments.

Tears and Torments

 Tears and Torments

Blonde masochist Chaos is a british painslut with a love of intense SADOMASOCHISM and deep brunette humiliation games. Watch as she is being taken to the old barn for spanking and pain. See more at The Pain Files

Tears and Torments

Tears and Torments

See all of Sub Chaos in S&M and Pain at: The Pain Files

Presented by The Pain Files

Electro Torments to Tears

This sweet mysterious is our sub Daniella and she is willing to take pain and humiliation to the limit. Watch her getting her udders whipped as heavy weights hang from her hardcore nipples. Then she gets a painful chain on her pussy lips causing her even more pain.

If you want to watch the full movie get in inside

Presented by The Pain Files

Electro Torments to Tears

Watch this SADO movie featuring slave girl Shaz in total humiliation and pain as her tormentor Magick uses a protoscope on her pussy while she’s tied to a medical chair. She screams in pain as magick teases her with sharp sticks inside her pussy hole.

Watch the full movie inside ThePainFiles and find hundreads of SADO movies featuring amateur painsluts in intense humiliation and suffering.

Presented by The Pain Files

Electro Torments to Tears

Sexy blonde slave is tied and brutally canned on her ass and tights by her evil Master. Watch her moaning in pain as she takes the beating in total humiliation!

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Cherry Torn in anal BDSM and humiliation play.
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Click the thumbnails below to see the bigger pictures.

Presented by The Pain Files

Electro Torments to Tears

Filthy slave with sharp needles on her pussy masturbates. The mix of pain and pleasure is too much for her to handle and she cums while squirting a nice load. Her dom Magick watches her spent in total humiliation.

This is just a sample of what we got inside ThePainFiles, a SADOMASOCHISM site dedicated to amateur girls in severe humiliation and pain. If you want to watch the full length movie join ThePainFiles and start downloading!

Presented by The Pain Files

Electro Torments to Tears

Slave Emily Sharpe gets tied up to a chair by her Dom. She can’t help but cry because she knows what’s next; a full time session of humiliation and pain that comes in all forms. Magick takes his time forcing her to cum and then more pain takes place in the brunette’s life. If you like helpless sluts in tears in suffering then you will love this sample video (click on the image to download).

If you want to watch the full length movie join ThePainFiles and find it inside! You will also find hundreads of excusive SADO videos featuring real amateur girls in severe pain.

We recently began another hot all action BDSM movie in our ShadowSlaves members area.  Newly promoted alpha slave, Michiko, gives Magick a hand in the humiliation of another stunning oriental slavegirl; Koko Li.  Koko is given a sound over the knee spanking by Magick and is then stripped naked to kneel at Michiko’s feet and made to perform oral on her huge strap on dildo.  Magick and Michiko take turns in humiliating and tormenting Koko before tying her securely and finishing her humiliation with several hands full of thick gloopy mud.


Click here to download a high res sample of “Mud”







Today on Shadow Slaves we begin a great new humiliation movie starring Michiko.  Cast your mind back to the divine long dreadlocks sported by Michiko in her previous movies for Shadow Slaves, and remember that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory.  Magick sets about deconstructing Michiko’s delicate oriental femininity by using a butt plug made from her own dreadlocks to humiliate her before strapping her into a chair and shaving her head bald.  The shivering depersonalized slave is then dragged outside into the cold where, blindfolded, she is hosed down with ice cold water.

Click here to download a high res sample of “Shaved”

shaved002.jpg    shaved004.jpg

shaved006.jpg    shaved008.jpg






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