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Slavegirl Rosie B – Tool Time

Slavegirl Rosie B – Tool Time at Shadow Slaves Rosie B was trusted with the task of helping out with the dungeon renovations, and Magick is unimpressed when he comes in to find her sitting reading. Before long, he has the poor girl tied to the frame that she was supposed to be working on. Industrial clamps bite her tender flesh, and hooks distort her face into a sinister grin, all whilst he beats and torments her with the variousContinue reading… Slavegirl Rosie B – Tool Time

New Torture Movies

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Destroying RosieB

Rosie B is a very special addition to the ShadowSlaves stable. A while back we had members’ requests to shoot a movie where the action was directed by another girl, from off camera. When Nimue decided to sacrifice her own girlfriend to the make we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try this. If Rosie was at all re-assured that her girlfriend would be controlling the action in her first experience with Magick, she was to be sorelyContinue reading… Destroying RosieB

Introducing Slavegirl Angel

For her first time at ShadowSlaves, Angel presents herself in virginal white to compliment her fair skin and pale blonde hair. Magick, however, feels the slut’s look needs some contrast and happily obliges by tanning her stomach, bosoms and thighs stripped with his hands, a wooden spatula, a bungee flogger and a viscious thin fiberglass stick, turning her skin a yelling red. Having brought some proper colour to her in the kick up of wild welts, he sits her inContinue reading… Introducing Slavegirl Angel

A Day In The Life Of A Painslut

A Day In The Life Of A Painslut featured proudle the bondage blog. English submissives Little Miss Chaos and Nimue are true painsluts with a burning desire for pain, a craving for humiliation and excessive lust of extreme bdsm. Their virtues untold, their master sent them both to slavecamp for training. 3 full days of intense torments lay ahead for the two pain sluts and they could only endure with screams, tears and submission. The outdoor spanking and female prisonerContinue reading… A Day In The Life Of A Painslut

Hidef BDSM Movie Of Mei Mara

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Interrogation Torture

Emily returns to ShadowSlaves, in one of the most hard-hearted scenes we have filmed. She had asked for an intense experience with fire and electrical shocks, and Magick did not disappoint her. Things start reasonably enough with an E-stim pinwheel, but it’s a matter of mere minutes before she is screeching and blatting at the non-stop onslaught of crushing electrified pegs and direct electrode shocks. A leather strike beats her flesh as the shocks continue unabated simultaneously, until she crumbles,Continue reading… Interrogation Torture

Introducing Andrea – 2 Painsluts Tortured

Andrea’s a lucky girl! As a newcomer to the ShadowSlaves stable she gets to share the experience with Jay in her long awaited return to our fold. It’s been four years since Jay was last in front of our cameras, but once a ShadowSlave always a ShadowSlave and Andrea couldn’t hope for a better guide into her fresh life than the very first girl to join us all those years ago. However, if she was hoping Jay’s presence would createContinue reading… Introducing Andrea – 2 Painsluts Tortured

The Runt – UK Amateur BDSM

Emma is back. A nightmare of pure torture and anxiety is all the runt of the ShadowSlaves stable can hope for, and this time there will be no friendly introduction. Confined and gagged in a evil hogtie, we find her struggling naked and helpless for instant punishment. As the ties are loosened she is continually lashed, slapped and kicked, being forced to lick Magick’s boots thoroughly clean as soon as the gag is removed. The malevolent all over body hittingContinue reading… The Runt – UK Amateur BDSM